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LIFE GROUPS are small groups of people who share the same interests or topics in real life and help to support each other with friendship, spiritual learning and personal growth.

How do I get connected?

There are several ways to get connected to a Life Group or an area of discipleship: You can look through the Life Group links that are provided on this website (see below). You can contact Las Cruces First at 575.224.0654 to further discuss Life Groups and other areas of discipleship that are of interest to you.

While attending a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening worship service with us, you can fill out a Life Group brochure. (Speak with a representative at the Connection Center in the front lobby or with a discipleship representative at the front door of the auditorium.)

What’s Next?

If you are unsure about what area is right for you, feel free to check out all the areas that interest you. We can help you find a ministry that best fits your S.H.A.P.E (Spiritual gifts-Heart’s passion- Abilities-Personality-Experience)

We Will Help You Get Connected:

When you turn in the Life Group brochure, a discipleship team leader will contact you within the week to help you get connected.


Our Family Life Groups cover our Pre-Marriage, Marriage, Parenting, and Singles Groups. These groups help develop relationships that are based on Biblical principles so that the body of Christ can honor God through our interaction with one another.
Home Life Groups are made up of those who have a desire to meet and study God’s Word in the home of a Christian family that is a faithful attendee at Las Cruces First Church. These groups meet on different days, times, and locations throughout the week.
Men’s Life Groups offer a safe place where men of all ages can come and work out their spiritual muscles withother men who are striving to grow, build muscle, and stay in spiritual shape. This happens through weekly small groups meeting both on and off the campus of Las Cruces First. We believethat we need to study, work and play together in order to become the men God has called us tobe. To do this, we have scheduled times throughout the year for men to join together for work days at church, fishing, riding motorcycles, or cooking out–all with this end result in mind: to be in spiritual shape, which is pleasing to God.
On Campus Life Groups are made up of those who have a desire to meet and study God’s Word here on the church campus. These groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am or 10:45am or on Wednesday or Thursday nights at 7:00pm.
Our support life groups are based on the curriculum “Turning Point” which is designed to assist men and women to find freedom from addiction and abundant life through Jesus Christ! Turning Point is itself a tool to help with any addiction; however, there are other support groups offered for specific challenges that many face in life such as, but not limited to: Celebrate Recovery, Anger, Divorce Care, and Grief Recovery. We are looking for mature, caring believers with a heart for the ministry of reconciliation to join us in bringing the victory of Christ into the lives of the suffering.
For those who are 50 years old or older, and you are still Young At Heart, this ministry is for you! The ministry is based upon building deeper relationships with others who are similar in age and interests. Currently, the “Young At Heart” Life Group meets once a month to strengthen, fellowship and encourage one another. We desire to see this ministry develop a care base for the elderly not currently involved and to reach out to those who are no longer able to attend church or times of fellowship.

Find a Life Group