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Vision Casting Weekend

In this message Pastor Vistine raises the level of faith within the LCF body! As he shares his heart & cast vision over the days to come in our church, he proclaims that every believer plays a role & is needed. Only as ‘ONE’ will we be able to walk in all God has!


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I Believe

We Believe that God did miracles in the Bible, in the OT through the prophets, in the NT through Jesus and the disciples, but today God Still does miracles through us the church by the Power of the Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus.

The Seven Miracles in the Fourth Gospel:

1. Water into Wine
2. Nobleman’s Son
3. Healing of the Paralytic
4. The Feeding of the Five Thousand
5. Calming the Storm
6. Opening the Blind Eyes
7. Raising Lazarus